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by retard
There was this man (Larry) who had the biggest nose in the known universe. Children used to ride it to school. One day I lost my car keys in his nose. So, like any other patriotic American, I stuck my
hand in Larry's left nostril and began rooting for my beloved car keys. Larry then noticed me up his nose and asked what was up. I told him the sad tale of my lost car keys. Then Larry said: "But you
don't have a car." I said "Yeah, but I still have the keys for one." Larry nodded and the keys flew out of Larry's nose and into my hands. "Wow!" I said "How did you do that?" "I have....
super-natural powers that no man can handle with 100% of his brain." said Larry. I asked "What else can you do?" he answered "I can turn diet pepsi into regular pepsi." "Really?" I asked....
"Yes, but only on Tuesdays." said he. Then there was a very long, awkward silence. Larry looked uneasy when he said "Uh, well, I better get going. I got stuff to do." "Me too." I said. We both left...
and I never saw Larry again, but we both became better men after that day. I became a hippo farmer and Larry became a hippo. I take care of him. He's a good hippo. The End!
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