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by retard
I was skanking down the street one hot winter's morn when I spotted a naked hobo arguing with a shopping cart. And I think the shopping cart was winning. I tried to escape the hobo's vision, but he...
already saw me, grabbed me and said "you think you better than me?" and I said "Yes, because I'm not a smelly hobo!" The hobo said "Neither am I! I am the queen of Norway!" Then he started dancing....
around the parking lot. I laughed, but the hobo didn't like being mocked so he beat me to death until I died. Then he continued to beat me for several more hours. I went to heaven and met God.
God was a giant indian who could turn into a wolf. We hung out, threw back some brews, and watched wrestling. Then he told me that it wasn't my time yet and that I was going to reincarnate as....
my twin brother who is exactly like me in every way possible. Me and God exchanged e-mail adresses then I was on my way back to earth. I found my way back to the hobo and threw him off a cliff.
He later wrote an album about that experiance and made millions. As for me, I found my old dead body and made love to it. I was great. so was I.
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