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well, let's see. i'm on the internet, so i must not be all together that intelligent, right? i'll be using this medium to pass on my views to the masses, to insult, to confuse...basically, whatever the hell i feel like. i'll try not to be *too* extreme in the above things, hopefully the easily offended *******s won't be too offended. but i'll take it as a compliment if they are. please be reminded that i am brand spanking new here, and am still getting my legs under me. there will be more, and better comics in the future. that is all.
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by satansdik
...and because we have been illegally watching your file sharing activities for quite some time now, we know you have EXACTLY 1313 .mp3 music files on your computer. Please consider this...
...your ONLY warning on the matter. Cease and desist all file sharing immediately, and remove the files in question from your computer. If you do not do so, you will incur a ridiculously large fee..
...which will be determined by us (RIAA), using an obscure math formulae from the 6th century. Furthermore...
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