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"Each race determines for itself what indecencies are. Nature knows no indecencies; Man invents them." -- Mark Twain

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by stabbo
See "Famous Last Words" 7/19/03
A kangaroo opened fire on my incredibly talented genitals a few months ago. The damage was irreparable so I was frozen, thus preserving my superb acting chops.
I'm gonna blow away your feet and work my way up.
So, we've come to finish the job, have we? Unstable, rifle-carrying rabbit, that's quite admirable. Whatever happened to my determined, marsupial killer?
He was fired for being late to work.
I hope my gruesome murder didn't have anything to do with his current unemployment. Would you like to say a few words before my tenacious genitals suffer more trauma?
Hasta la vista, baby.
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