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The first test: Ram confronts the manifestation of "Russ's" super-ego...
Behold, I am the manifestation of Russ' Super-Ego, that division of the psyche that is formed through the internalization of moral standards of parents and society, and censors and restrains the ego.
Er, you kinda just look like a phone.
Indeed. Deciphering the meaning of this metaphore is intrinsic to the nature of this test.
My initial guess would be that it has to do with communication. But then why not manifest as something modern, say a PC, or a cell phone? You're rotary-dialed for Pete's sake!
Hmmm. The super-ego is largely an unconscious entity, so it's hard to say. Perhaps an inate fear of success? I will ponder this. Meanwhile, would you like a bowl of soup?
Uh, sure, I guess.
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