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Welcome to "Stolen Art Comics", some comics created using the hard work and creative effort of other catoonists. The ideas are all mine. The graphics are all theirs. Please don't sue me; I have very little money.
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by twofish
Twofish introduces himself.
Hello, my name is twofish. Welcome to "Stolen Art Comics", a comic comprised mainly of the artwork of other cartoonists.
Despite its' obvious lack of originality, I have God as my witness that I wouldn't dream of abusing these wonderful characters, and hope you'll stop by often.
Cripes, what a rip off. I have my own comic to work in. Utterly lame.
And what's with the whole 'God as my witness" commentary? Any idiot can see right through such a hollow pretense. He probably doesn't even believe in God.
Forgive him, he knows not what he does.
Sure, OK. Um... I'll be right back, Lord, I... ah... need to take this sword down to Earth for sharpening. Yea, that's it. Sharpening. No where near twofish's house. Really. Just be a minute...
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