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Early 30s, white, and incredibly boring. Beautiful wife, two kids, no sleep.

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by wutangtony
They know they shouldn't vote for Nader.
Bush has been really ****ty, and I lost my job and my health insurance, but Nader believes in all the same **** I believe in. That Kerry ******* protested Vietnam!
My company laid me off, despite the fact that we had record profits and got a huge tax rebate from the Bush Administration, but I'm casting a protest vote!
Their friends beseech them, begging them to not vote for Nader.
Dude, if you ****ing vote for Nader, the rich are just going to keep getting a blank check. Your taxes are going to go up while theirs go down! Wake up, you ****ing idiot!
But, dude, Nader is the only candidate that represents me, dude! I'm an eighth-level vegan. I don't eat anything that casts a shadow. Nader gets that!
Meanwhile in January 2005 . . .
Whew! Thank the god of capitalism that all those poor people voted for Nader! Here comes four more years of Hummers, tax-free business in the Caymans, and war profiteering. God bless America!
Sure, I might die, but I get an extra $300 a year! I'm gonna buy me a ****ing hammock! Thanks, Nader!
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