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by wutangtony
So, apparently, back in September 2000, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Jeb Bush drew up a plan for world domination. It included things like attacking Iraq and setting up military space stations.
Well, who doesn't do that?
Isn't it kinda scary that the retarded guy running the country, his evil grandpa, and the governor of the state that handed him the election are drawing up plans for world domination?
Scary? Nah! Dr. Evil does that **** all the time and he always fails.
Dude, this isn't a ****ing movie! This is real life. Three guys and their lackeys are sitting around talking about taking over the goddamn world! These are now guys with nuclear weapons!
You mean George W. Bush is really the president? Fuck me! I thought this whole "presidency" thing was another bad reality series on Fox.
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