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Wait for it...

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Over in the "announcements" threads, I promised to eat BigFrank's soul. Well I decided to try and follow through with that threat. Here's how it went.

As you can see from this picture, BigFrank's soul looked something like a shrivelled piece of beef jerky. Not very appetizing, but I had a recipe for some Jack Daniels marinade lying around and I figured it would be just the thing for tenderizing this unappealing morsel.


Here I am grilling BigFrank's marinated soul. The spices did little to conceal the cheesy, foot-lockery smell of this sickening snack. Still, I was hopeful that the finished product would at least be edible.


In the end, it was no use. No sooner did I hork up the nauseating nugget than it was gobbled up by my dopey dog. To my surprise, he somehow survived. Now he just kind of wanders around with a hollow, traumatized look in his eyes. As for BigFrank, well, he's a soulless zombie now but I doubt anyone will notice the difference.

I was gonna send a robot back in time, but I got high.

11-04-06 1:55pm (new)
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Here at least 3 times a year

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gotta watch those promises, sounds like it was a close call. glad you and your dog survived.
its unfortunate that bigfrank is now a part of your doggy, i'm sure it will lead to some interesting side effects...

Kill Whitey.

11-04-06 2:00pm (new)
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Obsessive Comic Disorder

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Does this mean your dog's father will open a dealership?

11-04-06 2:30pm (new)
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Obsessive Comic Disorder

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Honestly Zaster, it really doesn't taste that bad. Plus, you were eating the shittiest part of my soul. I gave the best cuts away last year when I stomped on a bag of kittens. I suppose since I don't have a soul now I'd might as well go and start the next Holocaust.

11-04-06 4:02pm (new)
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Stripcreator » Fights Go Here » Soul Food

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