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Soft White 100

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I don't see a topic for your mix, so I'm making one. Because it's good. It deserves a topic, y'know?


It's hard to quantify how much I loved this mix. So here's a review.

Trembling Blue Stars - Ghost of an Unkissed Kiss

Mellow alternative that I can really get into. Good opening track.

Tellison -  Gallery

One of my favorite tracks on the CD. Another great alternative rock track with a relatively mellow sound punctuated by tasty bites of more intense alternative rock. Mmmm, nougat-y.

Tubelord - Half Man Half Amazing

I can't stop listening to this track. Everything about it is incredible. If it were a woman I'd buy it a cheap drink, light it's cheap cigarette with my cheap lighter and make equally cheap love to it.

The Ting Tings - Great DJ

To me the Ting Tings sound a lot like Tilly and the Wall. Never a bad thing. I really like the sound going on here.

Good Books - Passchendale

The vocals are kind of weak to me, but overall it's a fun and melancholy listen. Good track, maybe not as good as Tubelord but still a good track.

Shout Out Louds -Impossible

Ugh, love this. Has a great 80's vibe to it, and enough pace changes to draw me in and keep me hooked.

Mystery Jets (ft. Laura Marling) - Young Love

I am in love with Laura Marling. I discovered her a few months before this mix came in the mail, and immediately got Alas I Cannot Swim. The CD has now trumped whetever the hell the number 5 top album of all time was on my chart and has secured a place in my heart forever. This track is a cool comp, but I don't think it does justice to Marling's vocals. It seems a bit out of place at parts. Don't get me wrong, I still love it.

Laura Marling - Night Terror

Did I mention I love Laura Marling? Did I mention that Alas I Cannot Swim is amazing? I think I did. Another bit of fun: I thought she was at least in her mid to late twenties when I heard her for the first time (Ghosts), then I later found she was 18. Holy hell. I need to see her live the next time she grazes the west coast, though that probably won't be for a while :(

Akala - Bit By Bit

Kind of neutral on this, but I have to admit the beat and electronic turboping is a great combination. Plus the guy can rap. Never hurts.

Monkeydubz - Venus In Furs

Cool sound, but loses me with the masked vocals. If I could hear what the guy was saying over the warbling effect...

I Was A Cub Scout - Pink Squares

This is like a better version of a ****tier american pop song that's name I can't remember. In any case, loving this.

Hoax Funeral - Melting Into Corners

Maybe a too bit melancholy for me. Has a nice whiskey sound to it regardless.

Gillian Welch - Everything is Free

I found this band called Pufferfish by accident a couple months ago, and the vocals were incredible while focusing on a minimalist instrumental portion. This is like that, except the vocals are so strong that I almost melted into the couch.

Johnny Foreigner - Champagne Girls I Have Known

ACK!!! That came out of left field. I like parts of it, but the thing is a little brutal for me in it's totality.

Vince Guaraldi - Zelao

Mmmm, smokey bar piano. I keep thinking of a classy old Vegas casino in the Nevada heyday.

William Fairey Brass Band - Day In The Life / Can U Party (medley)

To be honest, comes off as a little vanilla to me. Horns are cool and all, but I need something more.

Matthew's Celebrity Covers - Levitate Me

Has it's moments. Not my favorite track on the mix, but certainly not bad.

City And Color - Confessions

I once accidentally put this on a mix thinking it was a different song. The middle is nice, but it tends to come off as a little too overcast for most people, myself included. 



All in all a fantastic mix. Glad to see another Laura Marling fan out there, especially one with such a good taste in alt rock. Lots of great stuff in here.


the kid's getting old, the kid's getting old

4-08-09 12:36am (new)
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Stripcreator » Stripcreator CD Swap » CD Swap 10 - jes_lawson

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