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Official Traveling Menstrual

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Okay, this has nothing to do with Stripcreator.  One of my tango teachers suggested that he could, in fact, dance tango to anything.

"Anything?" says I?

"Anything," he replies.

So I have made a CD with stuff that, with varying degrees of difficulty, is most difficult to tango to, and because a few more people are interested in the challenge also, I'm going to post my playlist here instead of writing it (or printing it) out.  If any strippers would like to swap it, you're welcome, but be warned:  a lot of it has appeared on previous swaps.

"Old" is the old new.

2-01-10 4:56pm (new)
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Official Traveling Menstrual

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Hopefully, this gets roughly more difficult as you go down the list.

  1. Some Bulgarian song
  2. Andy's Ride -- Itzak Perlman, Andy Statman, et al
  3. Midnight Blue -- Nanase Aikawa
  4. Money Drunk -- Cop Shoot Cop
  5. Some Turkish song
  6. Balkan -- Troka
  7. New Smeseno -- Farmer's Market
  8. Abfackeln! -- Einsturzende Neubauten
  9. Rah! Rah! Replica -- Bikini Kill
  10. Watashi no Tamago Yaki -- Dragon Half Theme Song
  11. Poing -- Rotterdam Termination Source
  12. Resolution #8 -- Terry Taylor
  13. .
  14. Three more Balkan songs in wack time. 
  15. .
  16. Oitulaash Xeveri -- Alash
  17. Arirang -- Runrun Ba
  18. "Everyday Gods" -- Osuwa Taiko
  19. Borbangnadyr -- Alash
  20. Gankino Horo -- Farmers' Market
  21. Pussy -- Lords of Acid


  1. This baby's in 11/8.  Count on it!
  2. Simply too fast.  You can dance it, but can it look like you're actually listening to the music?
  3. Turn-of-the-century 80's power-pop themed J-Pop
  4. Industrial, wonky up beats, fast, electronically altered screaming
  5. Fast, highly caffinated, odd upbeats, ungraceful
  6. Not too fast, but good luck dancing to this time signature if you're not used to Balkan music.
  7. More on the Balkan theme, this is fast-pased and has a time signature that even I can't follow.  Plus -- honestly -- it sucks, making it even worse.
  8. East German teenage angst including high-pitched scwhiming (screaming and whining simultaneously) and instruments you don't normally find in tango, like the shopping cart and the jackhammer.
  9. More angst and shouting, this time domestic and female.  And faster.
  10. Even if you can tango to the 4th movement of Beethoven's 7th, good luck doing it with a chibi anime girl singing badly to it.
  11. Techno from the early 90's with, yes, lots of "poing" noises.
  12. Only music in the loosest sense of the word.
  13. .
  14. Obvious, I should think
  15. .
  16. Not only is it Tuvan throat singing, it's wicked fast.
  17. Traditional Korean folk song, acapella, in varying speeds.
  18. 17 minutes of arhythm, repeatingly beaten drums, shinto screams and conch shells
  19. More Tuvan throat singing, this time acapella, with no rhythm at all
  20. Just like New Smeseno, but 7x faster and even though it's supposed to be a Horo (in 6/8), I have no idea what is going on here.
  21. Not too fast and a steady beat.  I'm guessing he'll be too embarassed to dance to these lyrics.


[edited by Scyess on 02-07-10 at 11:02:34am]

"Old" is the old new.

2-01-10 5:22pm (new)
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I'm Here, You're Queer, Get Used to it

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Throw some Nile at them.

That'll mess it up.

And if you REALLY hate them, get Tool's Schism.  I know, I know, but it's in SEVERAL time signatures throughout the song.

Do you want ants? Because that's how you get ants.

2-07-10 3:06am (new)
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Official Traveling Menstrual

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Alas, I found it necessary to limit my selection to songs 1) I have on my computer and 2) I'd actually heard of.  Given an infinite amount of time and an infinite number of monkeys, I would've come up with something much more challenging than I actually ended up with.

I don't know what I would've done with the monkeys.  Maybe have them attack him while he dances.

"Old" is the old new.

2-07-10 11:35am (new)
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Forum comment:

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" target="_blank" title="Bang Tango">Bang Tango -  Dancin' On Coals

It's 80s hair metal from the 00s. Perhaps the irony would trip him up.

Also, there are various programs (and even a Firefox app) which allow you to convert online video sound to mp3 files. The one I use actually provides good sound quality. A good "original" source helps.

Or, here's the link to an updated version.

Chicken Feather Bed Bugs Bunny Hop Sing Out Side Street Walker Texas Ranger Cookie Dough Boy Wonder Years

2-17-10 6:19am (new)
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