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Current project: Making comics out of the better blogged real conversations with my friend Scott. Some of them don't fit the comic format very well, so I highly recommend going to the blog and reading them all there.

The cast:

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From left: Scott, Rebecca (my wife), James (me), Lee aka Amber, and Michelle.

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by DexX
Introducing... One-note Low Pass characters who didn't make the grade...
Hello BASTARD! I am SHIT! Little Miss Tourette, and MOTHERFUCKER! would like to be COCKSPANK! your friend. FELCHER!
Hey kids, I'm Marshall Dental Hygiene. Brush regularly!
Did you know my name is Errol, the chicken who phrases everything as a question? Have you met my friend, Bashful Bruce? Bruce...? Bru-uce...?
They here, I am the Boonerism Spird. In nase you didn't cotice, I save some hifficulty thith we ammangerent of my nonsocants.
Sure, maybe the cheese _was_ green, but at least I don't own a red-arsed baboon! So says the Stupid Punchline Elephant.
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