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Dance for me, little monkey; pun for me, my precious.

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by kaufman
Suicide? What an ODous thought! I'm lOven life, enjoying looking at men in kilts -- feeds my Ass fixation.
The last reel of the movie of my life goinG unshot? Perish the thought! That would be bad Noose.
Like my CO in the army said, to get ahead, you need to be well Hung, or strike fast. You have Mix-ups and downs you go.
It makes me sick when 5-year-old Boys sin by contemplating suicide. I will inflict no harm on this body ...
I will not put mySelf in maulation! So don't sticK a fork ian me. I don't want lampS lit: "Wrist in peace."
So why would I want to be kilt? Life is my Drowning glory!
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And We'll Have Pun, Pun, Pun (vol. 2)

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