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Warped! The Matrix Reloaded
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by Ahsirakh
Where're you going?
Please, ma chérie, we are all victims of causality. I drink too much wine, France gets ze revenue, and M. Dubya goes to war to spite zem peace-lovers...
... but ze Dubya-bashers don't believe zat ze idiot can get involved in a scandal de passionel, so zey release Valerie Plame's name, zen blame it on him...
... and, of course, zinking about zis CIA source leak makes me want to take a leak. Cause, and effect. Au voir.
Pompous prick. Taking a blowjob more like. I think I'll get Kobe Bryant to fuck me instead...
... but just for thrills, I think I'll mutter "stop" halfway through, then sue his pants off for rape.
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