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The Man the Myth the Mammal.

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by AngryAmerican
Your Majesty, a Viking fleet has been spotted skirting the coast off of York and bearing south!
Oh my. Yes I see. York, eh? Isn't that where those delightful little peppermint patties come from?
Er, yes my Lord. And quite tasty they are. However, I need your permission to raise the knights and thanes in your service to repel this Norsemen threat.
Norsemen you say! What kind of patties did you suppose they eat, these Norsemen you speak of?
Well. I can't really say my Lord. But i have heard that they bury a shark's liver in the sand til its good and rotten then dig it back up and eat it. Now, about our army-
Smashing! Now be a good lad and nip on down to meet them and make sure they've brought enough for everyone. There's a good chap.
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