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The Man the Myth the Mammal.

42% Angrier than 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed.

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by AngryAmerican
Oy! I'm disguised as a typical male frat bar goer in order to infiltrate the lair of the elusive Southern Austrailian Downtrodden Bar*****. Gotta be careful, they can appeah outta nowhere...
Oy! There's one now! Oh she's beautiful! Notice the harsh, unnatural chemical hue of her luxurious pelt! And her 'confederate flag' markings! Crikey! What a gorgeous speciman!
Uh-oh, sh'e noticed me...i'm gonna stand still and look broke and desperate. I'm hoping she won't charge me. And adult female SADB can reach speeds of 10 MPH or more when provoked.
Hey baby! buy me a drink. I'll blow ya.
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