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--==Falling Dick-First into a Barrel of Razors==--

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by ArtemisStrong
So, Herman, here we are again: you with the watching clown/horse/midget/amputee/diarrhea porn on Fucktube, me with the reprimanding you with unveiled threats of termination.
Around and around we go with our little dance, old friend. I truly think we are destined to forever act out our little parts in this grand farce.
I've cranked SonicWall© up to Threat Level: Nuclear Puce. You can now only access and view things on the DOS command line. And even that's limited to "chkdsk" and "defrag".
We are not so different, you and I. You play your games--and I play MINE.
Don't think I'm morally opposed to crushing an old man's balls until blood issues from his nose.
A-Ha! Checkmate, dear sir! But I promise you--I will return. I! WILL! RE! TURN!
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