Teh Brad: A Modern Fable

"For the love of Pete," she said, her lips close to mine. Her pouty, soft lips that promised of sweet-scented kisses in the evening. "Would ya' move over, I'm tryin' ta watch Law & Ordah!" Her vibrant tones beckoned me closer. I had to be in her warmth! "Oh God, Jesus, that was a stinker. Sorry." That voice floated through my brain, like the song sung to me by the muses to inspire brilliant imaginations-- and lust. "Get offa' me, I said. You're really starting ta piss me off. Why'ncha go play on yer damned computer?!" I listened to her, for I was like her faithful dog then, her servant. She, my Queen and Master." ~excerpt from Brad's diary, January 2001, moments before making stripcreator.

by ArtemisStrong
There is a lot of gossip about Brad making the rounds currently. Allow me to verify a few. First, it is TRUE he has some weird... shall we say... "fetishes"...
Did you bring the marshmallow "Peeps"?
Dey are right here in mine backpack! (DANCING EROTICALLY!)
Brad has several thousand aliases on SC. In fact, the only accounts that aren't his are mine, Kaufman's and Bedlam0331's...
"Brad, you are so sexy!"
"I know Brad. I find you sexy, too!"
And, most shocking of all, is the revelation that BRAD IS NOT CANADIAN!
Herda-Gerda Bing-a Bood-a, BORK BORK BORK BORK!
Wood yew like some of ze weed now?

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Teh Brad: A Modern Fable

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