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by AtheistDiary
It's not very hard to insult boinky, given his reputation for masturbating to his own baby pictures. But do we KNOW who boinky really is?
For instance, did you know that he had a torrid love affair with Condoleezza Rice briefly after she took office?
Every night he'd sneak into her office and beg her to take a shit in his nasal cavity. Usually she'd strain so hard, though, that she'd end up pissing all over his chin whiskers.
Then he'd have her scoop up the left over juices with tortilla shells and put it all in a blender to make party smoothies.
But alas, being the man slut that he is, she caught him in a circle jerk on Sept 10th with Rush Limbaugh, Janet Reno, and that Eelian Gonzalas kid. He had Eelian's jizz dripping all down his eyebrows.
Being as distraught as she was, you can now see why Condoleezza fucked up the intelligence reports on 9/11. Thanks a lot, Boinky!
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