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You're not fooling anyone, Phil... we've known for years. You think your secret is so safe, unknowable, but it isn't. It shows in your eyes... Every time we look at you we can see it... the twisted knowledge locked up inside your soul, that haunts you every waking moment. That horrible dark secret you never even dare speak of...

You're a Trekkie, Phil. Admit it!!!

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by Boritom
Hi, I'm Emiko Tsuburaya!
And my name is Fumiko Ifukube!
We are very happy in the make-believe land of the Strip Creator.
Yes, it is a wonderous land, full of mystery and adventure.
We went to and saw a picture of a guy eating a baby.
Yes. It made my nether regions all tingly and moist!
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Vulgarity and Blatant Hatred

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