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If you kids don't behave, I'll turn this car around this minute! I mean it!
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by DAL
Later, that same day...
Dude, don't you get tired of being typecast as the all-purpose, generic Arab guy in every strip?
Well, sometimes. I mean, look at the asine clothes they make me wear!
And what's up with that hat, or turban, or whatever?
The people in Wardrobe couldn't wrap a decent turban, so they just put a Pampers on my head.
That's just sad! Hey, why is there always an Apopcalyptic explosion at the end of all of your strips?
It's the whole terrorist thing. Wait, here's my line... " I declare jihad on you, infidel, blah blah, etc." Sweet Allah, what a pathetic way to make a living!
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