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Needs more sodomy.* ReFun: The gentle, sweet tale of a homicidal Japanese schoolgirl and her massively-endowed demonfriend! Story of a Girl: Dizzy is a career girl with a daughter, a boss she thinks is Satan, and a best friend who knows more about *****s that most people know about their own bodies. Sick-Ass Bunnies: Fuk and Suk are in love! Their love is as pure as the driven snow!** Goofus and Gallant: Old favorites return to teach new lessons in life! This Is Me: Occasional rants about my Real Dull Life. *Sodomy sold separately. **The aforementioned snow was a decidedly nice shade of yellow.
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by DH-01
... okay, I'll admit, gluing all the dogs we offered to walk to their owner's cars was a stroke of genius, Fuxxxor.
I'vE nEvEr sEEn A brEEdEr cry sO hArd bEfOrE. Ah, I fEEl cOmplEtE.
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