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Current project: Making comics out of the better blogged real conversations with my friend Scott. Some of them don't fit the comic format very well, so I highly recommend going to the blog and reading them all there.

The cast:

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From left: Scott, Rebecca (my wife), James (me), Lee aka Amber, and Michelle.

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by DexX
Muahahahahaaaa!!! Finally, the great city of Crabbopolis is complete. The new nation of Crabbopotamia has a capital! Now I can get one with building my laundry mat empire...
Excuse me, Emperor, I am afraid I have some bad news about the capital. There has been a minor clerical error, and... uh...
Oh ****... and what?
I am afraid the capital of Crabbopotamia is now a small performing dog in green Speedos named YapYap.
Shit... oh well, no problem - we'll just have to have more than one capital. Lucky thing I like lots of capitals.
Ugh! That had to be the worst pun of the month...
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