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Current project: Making comics out of the better blogged real conversations with my friend Scott. Some of them don't fit the comic format very well, so I highly recommend going to the blog and reading them all there.

The cast:

From left: Scott, Rebecca (my wife), James (me), Lee aka Amber, and Michelle.

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by DexX
Intelligent Design? God, what a stupid term.
What do you mean?
If we were "designed" then there was nothing "intelligent" about it. I have all kinds of devolved bits and pieces on me that haven't been useful for eons.
Oh yes... the appendix, a withered vestigial second stomach that serves no purpose apart from getting infected and killing you.
Yeah, the appendix, nipples on men, the way your hairs stand up when you're cold... this shit is like legacy code.
You know what this means? If Intelligent Design is true, then God is Microsoft.
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bunnerabb says:

It seems I can add this and almost any ofther comic by anybody to any of my sets. :-| The possiblilites boggle.
posted Mar 8th, 2006 ( permalink )

bunnerabb says:

It's funny as hell, btw. : )
posted Mar 8th, 2006 ( permalink )

Murica says:

Ha ha ha ha, love it!!!!!
posted Sep 11th, 2014 ( permalink )

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