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by Diogenes
Stop & Frisk: ~6% of each race equally likely to be holding contraband
But officer, I wasn't doing anything. I'm going to work.
Yeah, I know. but we have this stop & frisk thing i gotta do !
Over 1.3M blacks & hispanics stopped while 150 K whites stopped. 2% of all stops result in summons or arrest. NYC is about 25% Black & Hispanic
You citizens gotta understand that I gotta do this. Show some respect for the law whydoncha? where did'ya get them pearls?
ahhh, don't start no 5#1T they a'int real.... an' this a'int no Gucci belt neither
Kinda like stopping every priest to catch a pedophile
come'on fadda, I need just one more to make my quota for the day... Pleeezzzeee?
Bless you my son. But #6(k off!
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