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Jesus, it's been almost 17 years. My account is about to be able to smoke everywhere but California.

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by DragonXero
And so, Cowboy Jethro goes off to get a piece of ass...
Hello cowboy Jethro! Why you try take my land?!
Calm yer britches, ya lil' pipsqueek, I ain't takin nothin but yer virginity!
It's not going so well.
I no want to have sex with you, you evil cowboy!
Well ah'm gunna have sex wit' ya anyway lil' missy.
Later, at a supreme court hearing, Jethro has some explaining to do.
Hey baby, after court, you wanna go grab a bite to eat?
Jethro Thomas, please have a seat. You're accused of having sex with a 7-year old asian girl. And I'm not going anywhere with you until you bring me her panties!
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