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One or two aren't bad but they mostly suck so don't be too disappointed.

I won CC:351, 382 and 394 . More by luck and a general lack of interest than anything but I'll take it.

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by El_Phen
Sir! You've been thinking for the past thirty seconds wthout moving. What are you going to do about Colonel Cthulu holding our last remaining warehoue of porn hostage for leave to fiight a duel?
The duel with his wife's lover the French mime-artist? I can't blame him. Mimes are the most stupid things on Earth and French ones doubly so. I'm thinking of allowing him to just kill the blighter.
What about the bomb that he's threatening to use to destroy the warehouse?
That's the problem man. How did he get it and, more to the point, how long do we have before he detonates the device? Also, what will he do when he learns that I'VE been giving hi wife sexy-time too!
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Days of our Lives

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