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One or two aren't bad but they mostly suck so don't be too disappointed.

I won CC:351, 382 and 394 . More by luck and a general lack of interest than anything but I'll take it.

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by El_Phen
Wow sir! Are you saying that Colonel Cthulu's wife was having 'relations' with four people, one of whom USED to be a man, and that he's threatening to blow up our last warehouse of porn for a duel?
The French mime he wants to kill is the only one of us that he knows about and I want it that way. Go to General's Snowman and Tobor and give them the letter you gave to me then kill yourself.
Kill myself!?
Yes. I can't risk Colonel Cthulu finding out about 'Tuesday Sexytime'. That French mime should keep his mouth shut but I can't be sure about you. I'd doo it myself but I need to lead this assault.
You can't ask me to kill myself after delivering a message to keep you and a few other General's alive.
I can Smith, because, when I was thinking about nailing your mother earlier it wasn't just wishfull thinking. Smith, I AM YOUR FATHER!
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