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One or two aren't bad but they mostly suck so don't be too disappointed.

I won CC:351, 382 and 394 . More by luck and a general lack of interest than anything but I'll take it.

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by El_Phen
So you, a mime and two other generals had sex with Colonel Cthulu's wife and my mother. One of you is my father and now Colonel Cthulu's threatening to destroy a porn warehouse.
That is, unless he gets to duel this French mime. You want me to deliver a message to the two other generals so they can prepare for the fallout of Colonel Cthulu finding out. And then kill myself.
Yeah, I'm not the best potential father I'll admit.
You know what? Fuck it. I'm with Colonel Cthulu on this one. You enjoy your remaining hours of life you gang-banging freak.
Say hello to your mother for me!
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Days of our Lives

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