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by Fiscalchaos
It is an honor to have you speak to our College students Mr. Revere. Perhaps you could give us your own personal account of your famous "Midnight Ride."
The honor is mine... Although I am suprised that tale has endured for more than 200 years.
While the women were at Betsy Ross' sewing circle, George, Ben and I... Along with a few serving wenches from the Iron Rooster... were at Ol' Tom Jefferson's house getting randy......
.... When our Flagons began running dry... I had decided to run home and fetch a couple more casks of Ale... when I spied the women leaving Miss Ross' house early...
Umm... Sir... I'm sure this is a fine tale... But I was refering to when your rode through the streets to warn the Minutemen, crying, "The Brittish are coming."
Actually, what I was saying was... "The Bitches are coming!" ....But if your version works for you...
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