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by FrixFrax
Hi Walrus, it's really kind of you to help out, now one of the kids does have down syndrome, so he may need some extra help
It's wonderful to be allowed to help sir, and don't worry, I shall treat this down syndrome kid with respect he deserves!
Aww, there you are! Listen, if anyone makes fun of you for looking strange, just ignore it, there is no shame in being born with down syndrome, it's just an extra special part of you!
You think I look like I have down syndrome!? Now I'll never be able to take Lucy to the prom. It's all your fault Walrus! Oh and FYI the down syndrome kid is behind you.
I wuv woo Walrus
Ohhhhhh noooooo, I'm such a terrible Walrus!
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DrMorton says:

Somehow I like the Walrus. Even if he´s terrible. At least he´s not the Eggman.
posted Jun 14th, 2007 ( permalink )

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