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I amuse (I am Hughes.)
**LEGAL DISCLAIMER** Hughes. does not accept any responsibility for feelings of inadequacy brought on by the realisation that he is funnier more intelligent and better looking than you.

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by Hughes.
Unfortunately, a hung parliament doesn't mean we get to hang them.
I'm a Prime Minister who was never elected. I just lost the only election I ever fought, but somehow I'm still Prime Minister.
I came last in the election, with even fewer seats than the tiny amount I had last time, but I get to choose who runs the country.
Days and days of pointless haggling
while the economy is still a wreck.
I won more votes than the last man to be elected Prime Minister, but I didn't get enough seats to force the old Prime Minister out.
I have to wait for this guy to make his mind up.
I could go into Government with him and scrap ID cards and the surveillance state, but my party wants me to talk to the guy who refuses to tackle the budget deficit.
Under proposed new voting systems, every election would end this way.
I'm resigning so someone else can be an unelected Prime Minister of a collection losers, while I change the voting system so no other party can ever win.
Welcome to
"The New Politics"
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