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I amuse (I am Hughes.)
**LEGAL DISCLAIMER** Hughes. does not accept any responsibility for feelings of inadequacy brought on by the realisation that he is funnier more intelligent and better looking than you.

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by Hughes.
Shame about Greg, still, you know what they say, "Live fast, die young, leave a great looking corpse."
It's not going to look great for long, is it? It starts putrefying in a few days. Either that, or they set fire to your ass.
"Live fast, die young, leave a pile of ash or a necrotised slime-puddle in a box." It's not as catchy is it?
Who really benefits from a great looking corpse anyway? It should be, "Live fast, die young, hope the mortician's not a necrophiliac."
So what's your motto?
Die old, leave a corpse.
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