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Hello, I am Jed. I write things that actually happen. STARSHIP MOTHERFUCKER is actually a documentary account of real-life dinosaurs that escaped the extinction and now hurtle through space, looking for home. On the way they meet alot of strange characters that add little to the plot save for the fact they are all mother****ers.
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by JedShepherd
Deep within the bowels of Starship Mother****er, past 'Nancy's Legendary Three Forbidden Gates', through the 'Portal of Teen Angst' and right next to the 'Post Office' Henry and Kelly are fighting.
I don't know why I even bother Kelly, I really don't.
I'm sorry Henry.
I am tasked with the most important task on the whole ship and you couldn't do just one thing for me! You know if I slipped up like you just did, we would all be dead? Dead like our marriage. Dead.
I tried Henry, I really did.
How hard is it to tape Ghostbusters? Ghostbusters. Not Ghostbusters 2. They are completely different movies. You're sleeping on the sofa tonight Kelly, I can't bear to even look at you.
I still love you Henry
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