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My right side is definitely more photogenic.

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by JoeBlough
...has certain unique situations!
I don't feel well, Ms. Jefferson!
Then see the school nurse, which makes the third time this week!
You again, Kimberly? Are your huge nipples still hard and tongue sensitive? How about those pink ***** lips? Do they still quiver & drip when you rub & finger them?
Do they ever! They all need a full "going over", Ms. Lixalot! And my hiney, too!
Whispers heard in the "Nurse's Office"
Oh god YESSSS, nurse! Right there. Don't stop! Harder! Deeper. Faster! Now my ass. Do me in my ass! THERE! Aieeeeee....
I can't ever mop in there. I've never seen so many sick girls in one school!
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