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My right side is definitely more photogenic.

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by JoeBlough
Well ragu4u, time for us to say "farewell".
Yup! Me, d_bacon and the rest of our gang are pulling the plug.
To all the friends we've made and lost here we say, "It's been fun, but 'adieu'!
It's all been in jest, as we have laughed more at ourselves and our own short-comings than at any other persons or groups. And a special thanks goes out to Brad!
So long Rags baby and fellow strippers. It's been a hoot.
Take care d_bacon! Hope to see ya'll in the funny papers! As we finally "Fade to Black"!
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four_legged_tripod says:

If you leave, I guess we just turn off the lights and lock the door behind us?
posted May 7th, 2021 ( permalink )

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