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My right side is definitely more photogenic.

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by JoeBlough
I'm here with Gayle King to ask why she hates Kobe Bryant so much!
Looky here, you cracker remarks was taken outta context.
They weren't remarks, they were YOUR questions! YOU asked them!
But dem Klan based Honkys at CBS only showed the ones what make me look & sound like a insensitive BITCH! Now my own peeps wanna punch my ticket!
Well folks, she DID sound rather "ethnic", I must say! Even Mr. Snoop Dog has questions!
I'll say! We gonna fashizzle her dizzle. Ya feelin' me, bro? Nobody, and I mean NOBODY gonna dis my boy Kobe. I don't care how many ****s he'd be screwin' or slappin' round!
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