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I know nothing, I am merely the messenger. I was out of town at the time. I have accompli..., er, witnesses that will testify that I was out of town.
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by Jose_Anon
Jesus appears ...
Theenk you oh Lord and Savwar for appearing tah meh een mah time of crizees.
Shit. Another messed up doper. I am not up for it today.
Mah Lord. I eem zeeing things that don't exist, and my ass ees covered weeth a nasty fungehl growth.
Look Kon Tiki Breath. I died for your moldy ass and that's enough. NO, shaddup! You have to wait till you're all wasted to call me. How much money have you sent me lately? Beam me up dad.
But. But Jesus, I'm having a really bad trip. Sniff ...
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