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Account for competitions and messing around with both inside jokes and dumb jokes I'd have deleted anyways. My favorites list is a list of all the people who have listed me, ahaha.
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by KaddarComps
Kaddar, you completely missed getting a chance to make a funny comic to bring us into the new year!
Unfortunately! Yet it was I who realized that this world is a mere virtual construct to mask us from the real world! .... during the new years
"In fact, here's how my new year's went!"
Uploading data to you now.... Finished.
Whoa. I know kung fu!... and I'm not asian... incredible!
I am the Cartoonist of the panalatrix. I drew you in my likeness for reasons which you, a simple algorithmic intergral, cannot understand..
Nothing worse than a cartoonist who knows math..
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