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Contest Champeenships: Photoshop Valley 98, Photoshop Valley 101
Contest Losses: Every single other contest since and PV 96 and CC 189.

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by KungChiFu
And General Patton concludes...
How about the Red Sea which opened up long enough for one race to escape and another race to be killed. Don't talk to me about God not permitting man to kill. War means that we have to kill people.
That's all there is to it. It is a sin not to kill if we are serving on God's side. There is no other way to win. Wars must be won for God's sake. He has a part in every war! The quicker we can kill-
the enemy, the quicker we can go home and listen to what we did wrong. If it wasn't for us,they would be shot for standing in their own pulpits. Our task is to kill the enemy before we are killed.
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