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Great Green Gobs of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts,
Mutilated Monkey Meat,
Dirty, Turdy Birdy Feet,
Fourteen Quarts of all-purpose Porpoise Pus,
Floatin' in Pink Lemonade!

...And me without my spooooon!

I've won a few contests, a lot of prizes, and even more hearts.

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by MikeyG
Shmoo the Blue [WIZARD]: HP 4600 Unknown [UNKNOWN]: HP Unknown
Avast, ye beast of hell! Art thou prepared to become annihilated?
Hold on a second, Bubbles, there appears to be a gentleman caller.
Shmoo the Blue [WIZARD]: -1300 Embarassment Penalty! HP 3300 Michael Jackson [UNKNOWN]: HP 32
Um...are you Thbbbthpppth, Evil King Zombie of the Six-And-A-Halfth Ring of H - E - DoubleHockeySticks?
Um, no, sir. I'm Michael Jackson. I would help you find who you're looking for, but I just got my elbow grafted to my face in place of my nose, and now my arm fell off.
Shmoo the Blue [WIZARD]: HP 3300 Michael Jackson [UNKNOWN]: 0
Close enough. I came all the way from Hoboken for this ****, and I'm not going back until I've zapped SOMETHING.
Aaah! Do you know how many stem cells it's going to take to regrow this nose? It's days like this you just want to pop open a cold kid and turn off the lights.
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