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Great Green Gobs of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts,
Mutilated Monkey Meat,
Dirty, Turdy Birdy Feet,
Fourteen Quarts of all-purpose Porpoise Pus,
Floatin' in Pink Lemonade!

...And me without my spooooon!

I've won a few contests, a lot of prizes, and even more hearts.

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by MikeyG
Hey, Kaufman! I just finished masturbating to your CC 224 entry. I saved a handful for you! Here, let me show you...
Listen, slave, I don't want to talk about 'Master'-baiting.
Ok, well, why don't we pretend like we're in prison, kaufman, and I'll bugger you senseless.
If I was to joke while you rogered me, I'd be getting 'PUN'-ked! Ha ha!
And if you were to expire during the cornholing, I'd have 'bum'-ped you off! Holy Christ, it's contagious...
If you buggered everyone on Earth you'd achieve Total World Sodomination!
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