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Great Green Gobs of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts,
Mutilated Monkey Meat,
Dirty, Turdy Birdy Feet,
Fourteen Quarts of all-purpose Porpoise Pus,
Floatin' in Pink Lemonade!

...And me without my spooooon!

I've won a few contests, a lot of prizes, and even more hearts.

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by MikeyG
Hey nanna look what I did while you were out shopping!
What the ****!?!
Now I know what your thinking it looks really homosexual. But thats good because thats what I want!
You ****ing idiot! You should know all gays burn in hell, well thats what religion says anyway!
Hell a short time later...
I guess no one ever warned you not to **** with musclebound gay guys in spandex.
Hmmph! Just wait 'till I tell Pat Robertson about this!
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