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true stories, translated poorly

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by Moturd
What's wrong, Maura? I've never seen you so sad.
Grumpy Cat died today. Everyone thinks she had a bad disposition but really she was just a regular sweet cat with markings that looked morose.
I see what you mean. She might have been the gentlest soul that ever lived but all we know is the bad-tempered persona her owners cultivated.
Exactly! It's just so sad. I'll bet she played with laser pointers and loved being rubbed behind the ears, and she probably loved everyone she met without measure.
No. I really did hate the whole ****ing lot of you. Die.
Grumps, you got a couple of lives left. What do you think about being Lori Loughlin's next child but you'd have to get into college on your own. Hello, Phoenix University!
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