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true stories, translated poorly

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by Moturd
My most famous role was a moyel on a couple of Seinfeld episodes, and now I'm 70. I'd give anything to make a comeback.
I can get you on TV again. Sign here.
Google Maps sends our protagonist 4 miles down a remote logging road
Arf arf
You stay here with the car, Boo Bear. Satan says I just need to hike 3 miles back the way we came, and in a few days I'll be a legend!
On World News Tonight, the body of missing actor Charles Levin has been found naked, decomposed, and partially eaten by vultures.
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Moturd says:
posted Nov 11th, 2019 ( permalink )

Moturd says:

I feel like I might have gone too far with this one, but Satan said if I upload it he'll make everyone laugh at my comics.
posted Nov 11th, 2019 ( permalink )

DBoba says:

ha ha ha
posted Nov 11th, 2019 ( permalink )

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