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true stories, translated poorly

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by Moturd
July 2024, Bizarro World:
Thank you Pres. Biden for sending America back into a downward spiral in your shameless and divisive grab for power.
I said to Mr. Lincoln, I said, "I saved you twice but this is the last time, slick." He wouldn't listen, but I held my ground, and I was right.
My handlers in Beijing told me to thank you for not pointing out that the plague started in Wuhan, China.
They pay my son extra when I don't call it as that god-damn chink virus. Vagina is the new orange. Who are you again?
I'm a lesbian socialist Satan worshipper. I'm your new base.
Negroes love me.
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JoeBlough says:

I must have COVID-19. I can't breathe! Nah! I'm just laughin' too hard!
posted Mar 22nd ( permalink )

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