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by NastyPope
Tobor, we need to talk. I have to come right out and say it.... I don't love you anymore, I love another gay sodomizing robot. I am leaving you for Robby the Robot.
You....You......You are leaving Tobor ? You no longer love Tobor, you no longer want Tobor to ******** you ?
That's right, Tobor, I don't want to be cruel but you just dont excite me anymore. It's always the same thing.. 'Tobor Cornhole this, Tobor ******** that.'
But Tobor loves little grey alien hermaphrodite with tight bung. Tobor can change, Tobor can become exciting again.
I'm sorry Tobor, I really am. Robby listens to me and cares about my emotions, he understands mutal anal probing.
Tobor can change, give Tobor another chance, from now on Tobor will not ********. Instead Tobor will poke your spokes.
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