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by NastyPope
Greetings everyone I'm Maura Oberlund, I'd like to welcome you all to the 5th anal, haha, I meant, ANNUAL Xtreme Felching World Championships
Our first event is the harrowing yet strangely fullfilling 'Meat_in_your_Seat' Competition. Our first competitor is Ivan Yakanov from Russia
Oh my LORD I can't believe what i've just witnessed. I've not seen that much Kielbasa disappear into a person since that Japanese kid ate all those hotdogs.
I'd have to agree Maura, that was a singularly impressive display of rectal fortitude. While the judges tally the scores, let's get a word from our sponsors.
Raaaaar, if there is one thing Tobor knows, its Man****, and when Tobor is about to ******** you, Tobor recommends a fistful of Cherry_Flavored_Anal_EazeĀ®
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