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by NastyPope
I hate these old_style_movie theaters. They don't even have previews. Just a giant red curtain listening to crying babies & God knows what that confectionary jism is making the floor sticky
Cruel cruel Fates you act mercilessly against the weary heart who believeth the malignent tristadictadectaphobias
Man, knock that off, its depressing. Just because you have 13 toes doesnt mean you caused the Big One. Superstitious nonsense I tell ya. Oooo, a heads up penny.
Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the recent earthquake & resultant_Nuclear_accident we have no electricity. Fortunately for us the radiation has already given us some really groovy freaks!
Good evening ladies and germs. I just got in from Chernobyl and boy is my pseudopod tired.
Thats right folks, got here by the skin of my teeth, ha ha, but seriously, is it cold in here or is it just me ?
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