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My strips don't suck.

There's not much continuity so feel free to read them by score ranking. (Note: that was written when some of my comics had score rankings.)

Plus they don't suck.

Well except for the fact that about half of them should have been two panels long instead of three so I had to stretch them out clumsily.

Plus I took the character Xox-xox from DH-01's comics. But if he sucked I wouldn't have stolen him.

It appears I am partly back from the dead. Or am I...

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by NeoVid
Excuse me, I have to have a talk with your son... um... daught... whatever that is.
Figures. What did the little punk do this time?
He/she stole my car. Again.
All right... GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!! AND TURN OFF THAT MUSIC!! If I have to listen to one more Sir Mix-A-Lot song... he's not even popular anymore...
Listen, I want the best for you... I even stopped using drugs for a month when I was pregnant, and this is how you repay me?
...You've been "confiscating" my weed again, ain't you, Mom?
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