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Poor Impulse Control
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by P_I_C
Alright Josh, just wanted to call you in 'cause your numbers have been a little low lately. Now i know that 10$ here and there doesn't seem like alot, but it adds up, see where i'm going with this?
Yeah, i guess.
*sigh* ok Josh, let me put it another way, i'm going to bring it down to your level, ok? What does ten bucks mean to you?
Well, i guess if you put it that way, something like lunch for a couple of days... you know, or a handjob in the tenderloin.
.....What did you just sa-
You are SO right Jerry, and i get what your saying, i mean i really shouldn't be paying ten bucks for a handjob from a whore in a tutu with no teeth who's really a man.
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